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Xtand™ Vent

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Xtand™ Vent
The Ingenious Smartphone Car Mount

Just Mobile Xtand Vent is the ultra-versatile smartphone holder that easily clips onto your car’s air vent, allowing you to keep your smartphone in sight at eye level for safe driving.

With a firm, rubberized grip, Xtand Vent holds any smartphone as wide as 3.6in/91mm. Its innovative aluminum ball-joint swivel and tightener mechanism allows you to adjust your device for perfect placement – landscape, portrait or any viewing angle – without sagging. All this in a mini and featherweight package that fits in your pocket.

Model: ST-128

EAN: 4712176188463

UPC: 885335170617


  • Vent attachment fits almost any air vent
  • Ball-joint swivel mechanism adjusts viewing angle
  • Patented tightener prevents sagging over time
  • Works with devices from 2.1in/54mm to 3.6in/91mm wide
  • Rotates 360 degrees for portrait and landscape view
  • Mini and featherlight, fits in your pocket
  • Durable aluminum ball joint and quality material


  • 6 x 6.6 x 1.8 cm
  • 22 g
  • 2.36 x 2.59 x 0.7 inch
  • 0.77 oz


  • Xtand™ Vent


  • Smartphone:
    All iPhone Series 
    All Android/Microsoft Smartphones

  • iPod touch:


Q: Will Xtand™ Vent work with iPhone in a case?

A: Yes. Xtand™ Vent works with the most popular cases, supporting cases up to 3.6inches/91mm wide.

Q: Will Xtand™ Vent damage the air vent?

A: No. The Xtand™ Vent clip uses a soft grippy over-molded material to keep your car free from scratches.

Q: Does Xtand™ Vent work with tablets?

A: No, the Xtand™ Vent will not work with tablets.

Q: What kind of air vent is compatible with Xtand™ Vent?

A: Xtand™ Vent has rotating soft grip that supports various air vents, with blades that are horizontal, vertical, perpendicular, slanted, or rounded.

Q: DoesXtand™ Vent work in Landscape mode?

A: Yes, Xtand™ Vent rotates 360 degrees to support landscape mode, provided the air vent has enough space all around to accommodate the smartphone horizontally.

Q: Why is my Xtand™ Vent unable to stay on a viewing angle.

A: Use the unique tightener knob on the back of the bracket to lock the position of the ball-joint.