Xtand™ Go Go Button Kit
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Xtand™ Go Go Button Kit

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Xtand™ Go Go Button Kit

Set of 3 Go Button for Xtand™ Go Z1 

The Xtand
Go can be mounted using glue-free sticker or suction cup, and glue-free Go Buttons allow you to use the stand with other gadgets including sat-navs, smartphones and music players. 


A set of 3 Go Button 
Including the fitting glue-free sticker (3 piece)

System Requirements 



Product Weight: 2oz 
Shipping Weight: 4oz

Product Specs 
Color: Black 

Only 3 Go Button is included. 

Q: How do I use the 3M double-sided tape?
A: 3M double-sided tape has 2 sides. First remove the film on the side with the ! sign and affix it onto the Go Button. Press firmly against a flat surface and set it aside for a few hours. Next remove the film on the other side and secure the Go Button on a suitable location on the dashboard. (Note, the dashboard location should first be cleaned with the alcohol wet wipe.)