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Accessories for the Refined Taste.

That means our products aren't just designed to perform beautifully when you buy them - they are also built to last.

At Just Mobile, we're dedicated to creating elegant solutions for modern living. Balancing form and function, our products combine German minimalism with meticulous Taiwanese craftsmanship. And because we believe that great design should endure, we only use the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. We love useful beauty. We live design.

tools design

tools design

“We believe in producing products that are visually stunning, but truly functional in the same nature.”

tools design, located north of Copenhagen, was founded in 1989 by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk. With more than 350 awards and distinctions, tools design ranks amongst Denmarks most awarded designers. Their designs are often characterized by a simplistic and innovative approach, with the philosophy to put “one more thing” into the products.



“We create beautiful products that solve real-life problems.”

SUBKARMA is run by two English brothers, James and Anthony Soames, who have lived in Taiwan for over 20 years and contributed greater to the creative community. They love big ideas and care about tiny details. For them nothing is out of bounds and their joy and optimism is infectious. Subkarma also takes pride in delivering solutions that are realistic and achievable.


iLounge: “The Master of Metal”

From our design teams in Europe to our bespoke manufacturing facility in Taiwan, everything that we do is guided by our vision to unify form and function – and then sprinkle a little joy on top. Because that’s the best way we can think of to create iconic accessories suitable for iconic products: accessories for the refined taste.

product of aludsic
product of aludsic
product of cooling bar

Aluminum: Beautiful, Useful, and Recyclable

At Just Mobile, aluminum is in our DNA. It is the base material in almost all our design objects.

Aluminium is strong yet lightweight, malleable yet durable, tough yet beautiful. It’s also one of the planet’s most abundant and easily recyclable elements, which is why we have invested so much time and energy in developing unique machining processes that allow us to create complex shapes from a single piece of aluminum. While our products are simple to use, they’re not easily made.


Choose Just Mobile Originals – Beware of Imitations

We work with some of the world’s best product designers, so it’s no surprise that our products have their imitators. But those who copy us don’t simply violate intellectual property laws, they destroy the vital link between the designer and the object. Without a true understanding of the design philosophy behind an object, it is impossible to create an identical duplicate; by ignoring a small detail, or using the wrong materials and processes, imitators create inherently inferior products.

So be sure to buy directly from www.just-mobile.com or from our Authorized Retailers, and remember that every authentic Just Mobile product has our logo printed on it – which guarantees the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.