Return & Refund Policy

Return Policy

User should first reach out to JM by email to get a conversation going. JM will identify the issue and see if it can be resolved over the email/phone. If not, JM will arrange for a replacement. If the issue is our fault (e.g. mis-shipment, dead-on-arrival DOA, arrived damaged, problem cause by mobile system upgrade), JM will pay for shipping to send the new replacement unit and shipping to get the faulty unit back. If the issue is not our fault (e.g buyer’s remorse, wrong item ordered), then the user is responsible for the return shipping.


Refund Policy

JM will refund the purchase price, less the shipping already consumed. The original purchase shipping is not refunded unless the original purchase had a defect that was attributed to our fault (e.g. mis-shipment, dead-on-arrival DOA, arrived damaged, problem cause by mobile system upgrade).