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AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
AluBase™ Wireless
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AluBase™ Wireless
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AluBase™ Wireless


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Wireless power for your smart world

 Charge smartphones at speed and without the wires with the stunning new AluBase™ Wireless. This striking high-speed mini-charger is compatible with all Qi wireless charging devices – including Apple 7.5W* and Samsung 10W fast charge – meaning lightning-quick, cable-free power-ups. 

Finished in high-grade aluminum, with a soft-touch charging pad, AluBase™ Wireless is the iconic wireless charger. Plug it into a USB port or optional AC adapter, place your smartphone on top and – voila! – your pocket lifeline to online world is fuelling up fast. 

AluBase™ Wireless provides fast and secure charging for iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro , iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and all other Qi compatible devices.

 *iPhones on iOS 13 or later are limited to 5W charging for now.

WL-168Q with QC 3.0 power adapter ( US Plug )


  • Compatible with all Qi-certified devices
  • USB cable included
  • Premium aluminum finish
  • Supports Apple & Samsung fast charge (with optional AC adapter)
  • Case friendly (with non-metal cases)


  • Shell Material:Aluminum Alloy
  • Input:DC5V 2A/9V 1.67A (Max)
  • Output:DC5V 1.5A/9V 1.1A (Max)
  • Charging Area:1 Coil
  • Charging Distance:0~0.3 in/0~8 mm
  • Conversion Efficiency:≥75%
  • Qi Standard: Qi version 1.2
  • Accessories: USB Charging Cable 1.0m 
  • Accessories: AC Adapter 5.2 x 3.9 x 2.3 cm (WL-168Q)
  • Product Size:φ3.5 x 0.3 in/φ89 x 8 mm
  • Protection:FOD (Foreign Object Detection)


    Q: What smartphones can AluBase Wireless charge?

    A: AluBase Wireless can charge smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and other brands that support Qi wireless charging.

    Q: Does AluBase Wireless support Apple 7.5W* Fast Charging?

    A: Yes, AluBase Wireless can supply 7.5W* charging power to an Apple smartphones when used with a QC power adapter.
    *iPhones on iOS 13 or later are limited to 5W charging for now

    Q: Does AluBase Wireless support Samsung 10W Fast Charging?

    A: Yes, AluBase Wireless can supply 10W charging power to a Samsung smartphones when coupled with a QC power adapter.

    Q: Does the product come with a QC power adapter?

    A: The premium version (WL-168Q) includes a QC power adapter. The standard version (WL-168) does not. The power adapter is required for AluBase Wireless to be able to charge at 7.5W/10W speed. Without the adapter, AluBase Wireless will only charge at 5W speed.

    Q: Can I still use the AluBase Wireless if I don't have a QC power adapter?

    A: Yes, when connected to a non-fast-charge power adapter or a computer USB port, AluBase Wireless will charge at 5W only.

    Q: Will AluBase Wireless charge my phone if I have a case?

    A: Yes, AluBase Wireless will charge a smartphone in a case as long as the case is less than 5mm thick, and has no metal material it it.

    Q: Does the power adapter support 220-240V wall source?

    A: Yes, the power Adapter for AluBase Wireless is worldwide voltage ready with 110-240V input rating. You may need to do prong conversion, as it comes with U.S. prongs only.

    Q: Is it normal for AluBase to feel hot while charging?

    A: Yes, AluBase may feel warm while charging for the following reasons:

    1. All wireless charging pads (AluBase included) tent to feel warm while charging, mainly because the internal power coils are tightly packed together in a tight enclosure without space or fans.

    2. Unlike other wireless chargers that are housed in plastic enclosures, AluBase is made of solid aluminum so the base itself acts as a full-body heatsink to dissipate heat naturally throughout the charging process. The temperature should feel warm but not scorching hot.

    4. When charging coils are not lined up perfectly, i.e. when iPhone is not placed at the perfect sweet spot with the AluBase, current draw from the base to the phone may become higher in order to compensate, and that will cause more heat disspation as well.

    Q: Why does AluBase feel hotter than other wireless pads while charging?

    A: Other charging pads in the market may have a power output of 5Watt only (and not the QC 10W fast charger like AluBase), and therefore the heat dissipation would be much less.

    Q: Does AluBase stops charging when iPhone is full?

    A: From testing, we learn that iPhone will continue to draw current (0.1~0.3A) from a charger even when the iPhone has reached 100% charging status. Samsung phones on the other hand will stop drawing current when full. AluBase will continue to supply current if the phone requested it.