Xkin™ Tempered Glass [iPhone SE/5s/5]
Xkin™ Tempered Glass [iPhone SE/5s/5]
Xkin™ Tempered Glass [iPhone SE/5s/5]
Xkin™ Tempered Glass [iPhone SE/5s/5]
Xkin™ Tempered Glass [iPhone SE/5s/5]
Xkin™ Tempered Glass [iPhone SE/5s/5]
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Xkin™ Tempered Glass [iPhone SE/5s/5]


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The ultra-tough iPhone SE screen protector

Just Mobile Xkin™ Tempered Glass is the super-thin, super-tough screen protector for iPhone SE. The self-adhesive film protects your screen from scratches with an unbeatable 9H hardness rating. Xkin™ Tempered Glass is also easy to clean, thanks to its oil-resistant, anti-fingerprint coating.

With smoothed edges and high transparency, Xkin™ Tempered Glass is designed to protect your treasured iPhone SE without ever getting in the way.

Model: SP-175


  • Scratch resistant
  • Unbeatable 9H hardness rating
  • Oil, water and fingerprint resistant
  • Easy to apply, easy to clean
  • Smooth edges designed to compliment iPhone SE


  • 12.1 x 5.5 x 0.05 cm
  • 6 g
  • 4.76 x 2.16 x 0.02 inch
  • 0.21 oz


  • Tempered Glass x1
  • Fiber Cloth x1


  • Smartphone:
    iPhone SE, iPhone 5s/5


Q: How to know which side is the adhesive?
A: All of our screen protectors come with a thin plastic sheet to protect the adhesive side. The thin plastic sheet is marked as “1 Back”. Remove it before applying the glass to the screen.

Q: Is the screen protector reusable?
A: Yes, Xkin Tempered Glass screen protector is washable and reusable. You can wash off any lint and dust by water directly, and reapply it when dry.

Q: How do I remove tempered glass screen protector?
A: The best way to remove tempered glass screen protector is to slightly pick up one corner of the screen protector with your fingernail, and lift it slowly to remove it. Be careful to not bend the glass.

Q: Can I still use a case after applying the screen protector?
A: Most cases on the market, including Apple cases, are compatible with our screen protectors.

Q: How to install the Xkin glass protector to your iPhone properly?
A: Screen protector is particularly sensitive to dust particles. Any speck of them between the iPhone screen and the Xkin glass will cause a bubble to form and won't go away unless you remove that speck. It is therefore very important to first use the wet towel and the microfiber cloth to clean the iPhone screen really well before laying down the Xkin glass. And also very important to keep the adhesive side of the Xkin glass facing down before bonding with the iPhone screen.