ShutterGrip 2 is NOW on Indiegogo!

Just Mobile™ ShutterGrip 2

The Bluetooth Pocket-Size Transforming Grip for Street Photography

ShutterGrip 2 is now on Indiegogo InDemand!! Pre-order yours now!!

We're excited to unveil the second generation ShutterGrip with a brand new finish and more flexible ways of controlling your camera in your pocket.


No matter how you're faced with a difficult shooting task, ShutterGrip 2 can easily transform your smartphone into a serious camera on-the-fly, and take that unique, momentus shot stably and securely. 



The design goal of ShutterGrip 2 is to re-create the comfort and control of a traditional DSLR camera. Starting from the sculpted palm grip, to the optimally positioned shutter release button, the final creation is a palm grip that is comfortable to operate with one hand, and a secured camera that is always ready by your side.



The ShutterGrip 2 can be mounted on the left or right side of the phone to accommodate your personal preference.


ShutterGrip 2 is compatible with iOS/Android smartphones without the need for any proprietary app.  Bluetooth pairing is simple and one-time. Any subsequent re-pairing is automatic with the press of a button.

ShutterGrip™ 2 is compatible with any smartphones (iOS/Android) equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and uses the side button for shutter release button.

 ShutterGrip 2 supports two 2 popular video taking scenarios – landscape and portrait grip. 


When taking landscape videos or cinematography, you want to hold the camera steady like holding a torch. Place ShutterGrip 2 in the middle of the phone and flip the palm grip down.

ANIMATION: Watch how ShutterGrip™ 2 folds down to transform into a vertical hand grip.


For instagram or portrait life streaming, turn the grip 90 degrees, hold it with one hand, and adjust the pitch of the camera with the other hand. 


ANIMATION: Watch how ShutterGrip™ 2 transforms hand grip from bottom position (for landscape cinematic video taking) to side position (for portrait live streaming).


ANIMATION: Watch how the pitch of the camera can also be adjusted.

Both ways allow you to grip the phone steadily, securely and for an extended period of time.

Subtly hidden in the palm grip is a telescoping arm that expands to 15cm long, just enough to take that sweet selfie with you and her. Non-obtrusive when not in use, the arm is tucked safely inside the palm grip for the next selfie opportunity. 

ANIMATION: Watch how ShutterGrip™ 2 hand grip folds down, extends the telescoping arm, and detaches the shutter remote.


ANIMATION: See how ShutterGrip™ 2 extends its arm into a selfie stick to take a photo together.

ShutterGrip 2 standard cold shoe slot attaches to a host of accessories like fill light, monitors, microphones and more. When you're shooting at night or low-light conditions, your smartphone coupled with ShutterGrip 2 can rival any professional setup.

ANIMATION; Watch how ShutterGrip™ 2 attaches to different accessories using the cold shoe.


A hidden hex wrench built into the ShutterGrip 2 for tightening the arm hinge. 

ANIMATION: Watch how a hex wrench is removed from the cold shoe for tightening the hinge, as needed.

For large group photo or time-lapse video, use a tripod with ShutterGrip 2. Control the exact timing of shutter release from a distance with the detachedremote.


ANIMATION: Watch how ShutterGrip™ 2 is mounted on a tripod and shutter timing is triggered precisely by the detached remote.


One battery will last 6 months of continuous usage, or a standby time of 18 months (assuming a daily press of 500 times). 


ANIMATION: Watch how the battery can be easily removed from the remote.


 ShutterGrip 2 remote uses common CR2032 Lithium battery, and is user-changeable.

ShutterGrip 2 can transform into a phone stand, setting up vertically or horizontally with ease. 

ANIMATION: Watch how ShutterGrip™ 2 transforms into a desktop stand, for live streaming or movie watching.


Play your photo albums and advance each slide with the remote. Bing watch your shows, facetime your friends, or live stream yourself – hands-free. The list goes on.

Best of all, when you're all done, everything contracts into a single compact palm grip, fitting into any pocket.

 Apple: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5/5s 

 SAMSUNG: S10/S10 Plus, S10e, Note10, Note10+, A80, A70, A50, S9/S9 Plus, S8/S8 Plus, S7 edge,Note10/10 Plus, Note 9, Note 8, Note 5, J7 Prime, J7 Plus, J7 Pro, S8, S8 Plus, A8 Star, A7, A6+

This table is not a complete  list. (Compatible model requires Bluetooth 4.0+ support and uses side volume up key as the shutter button)



*Note: Color option (Silver or Pink Sand) is selected after the campaign is over. We will send out a questionnaire to reaffirm everything, before we start shipping. 



ShutterGrip 2 is now on Indiegogo InDemand!! Pre-order yours now!!