4 Ways ShutterGrip Will Improve Your Smartphone Photos

Most people already have a smartphone, and it is already the thing that goes with you everywhere you go. Some say the best camera is the one you already carry in your pocket. With ShutterGrip, you can make sure the photos that you take are the best that they can be.

Here are several usage scenarios that I find ShutterGrip indispensable, sharing to the community.

1. Kids That Can't Stay Still

I give the remote to my 7-yo girl, while I hold the phone facing her. I tell her to click on the remote when she is looking at the phone and feel ready for a shot. Since then, every shot has been successful. Unlike before, where the shots happened when she was looking away, or was in motion blur. The detachable shutter remote makes shooting fun, and makes hyper kids able to stay still for the second that the shot is taken.

2. City Streets Snapping

I hold my phone with the ergonomic hand grip, letting the phone hang on my side while I walk. I am ready to shoot at any moment. Because the grip is comfortable and secure, I can hold it longer without putting it away between shots.

3. Group Hugs Everyone

Family get-togethers (like birthday parties) are great using ShutterGrip because I can stand my phone on a table and get everyone into the picture (including myself), controlling the shutter when everyone is ready.

4. Moving Objects Or Limited-Light Conditions

When shooting moving objects, or in limited-light conditions, I could hold my phone with my right hand on the grip (holding it very still), while pressing the remote button on my left hand. This eliminates the shake during screen or button presses on the phone, thus making the camera very stable and still as the shot is taken.

Overall, ShutterGrip has made my smartphone photo shots more successful every time, and prevented accidental drops of the phone. It is a nifty accessory that fits in a pocket and easily clips on and off my phone when needed. I think its usefulness inspired a lot of people. That's why it received such a wide and warm reception when it was launched as a Kickstarter project.